From our palms to yours.


Our North American grown coconuts go from our palm trees to straight to your hands. Continuous refrigeration allows them to be enjoyed as they were meant to be by nature - never heated, never treated, always chilled.



Our coconuts are harvested to order from our groves in Colima, Mexico.

Each coconut is husked and shaved by hand before it's engraved.

Every coconut is custom laser engraved with your festival, brand, or event logo.


Your coconuts are then boxed and shipped in refrigerated trucks to your event.


The Valley of Coconuts.


Colima, Mexico is locally referred to as “The Napa Valley of Coconuts.” Originally planted during the 1940s, Colima is now home to the best possible drinking coconuts for the US market. Every alternative is either pasteurized, packaged, or too far away.

Supporting the local community

Our farm in Colima is a cornerstone of the local community. As the largest employer in the state, we provide full-time employment for hundreds of local workers. The trees produce fruit year round which eliminates any migrant labor — allowing the people who work with us to build stronger families and educate their children.


Pop in a straw.

At it's core it's a fun and healthy alternative to traditional beverages and a novelty product that fans love and want to organically share.